3 Best Practices For Medical Office Renovation

These Are the Best Practices for Medical Office Renovations

People need healthcare and will always need healthcare– that’s a ubiquitous fact. But just as trends and practices come and go in every industry, the healthcare sector is no exception. And as older practices become outdated– consumers expect newer, faster, better, and safer ones to take their place in medical offices nationwide. 

Greater accessibility, advanced technology, premium experiences, easier-to-navigate locations, and more streamlined billing processes are just a handful of examples of what patients expect to see as offices renovate and healthcare technologies advance. 

Following are three best practices to enhance the patient experience as best you can throughout your medical office renovation.

Incorporate new technology

A doctor looking at the scree with patient's MRI scan

Technology in every industry is important. But in healthcare it’s downright imperative, helping to reduce critical errors, protect the privacy of patients, minimize long wait times for crucial answers, prevent adverse drug reactions, and improve the patient experience overall. 

Incredible advancements are taking place in healthcare at an unprecedented rate, enabling people all around the globe to make more informed decisions about their everyday health. Technological advances in clinical procedures have enabled outpatient clinics to offer services more efficiently, conveniently, and cost-effectively for patients and physicians alike. 

Examples of new technology include: 

  • Smart beds, which analyze patient analytics while improving safety and comfort 
  • Portable monitors # Wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches 
  • Electronic health records # Centralized command centers 
  • Telehealth and apps can help connect patients in any zip code 
  • Digital kiosks

Improve The Customer Experience For All Ages

An older man making himself coffee at the renovated medical office space

Medical procedures can be intimidating, even when they’re not super serious, and the psychological effect of being in a doctor’s office can be more frightening than the procedure or visit itself. Improve the overall experience for all ages by understanding the obstacles, fears, and disruptions facing your patients, and working diligently to improve them. 

From front desk staff to the medical professional and everyone they encounter in between, patients yearn to feel safe, seen, and heard. 

Consider improving the customer experience for all ages by: 

  • Optimizing the waiting experience with snacks, water, and age-appropriate materials like games or reading materials 
  • Providing solid training for your staff. Not only medically, but in empathy as well 
  • Providing a living room atmosphere with comfortable couches and chairs in the waiting room 
  • Listening and acting when your patients have suggestions 
  • Ensure that all indoor spaces are handicap accessible 
  • Add homey touches like warm and inviting photographs and design elements into each office space to ensure that patients are comfortable and at ease

Appealing Outdoor Space

Appealing Outdoor Space

Outdoor space may not be the first thing that pops into your brain when you think of a medical office renovation, but appealing outdoor space is vastly important, as it is the first thing your patient sees and will possibly associate with their visit. And ensuring that your outdoor space is wheelchair and handicap accessible is a must. 

The first impression of a medical office for a toddler, child, or adolescent who may be frightened of who or what is inside is exceedingly important. Appearing safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing is always a good idea. If your medical office can accommodate it, a playground or some sort of entertainment in your outdoor space will always be appreciated. Keep your landscaping neat, trim, and up-to-date as well!

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