4 Things To Consider When Repainting Your Commercial Space

Here Are the Things To Consider When Repainting Your Commercial Space

If a quick glance around your office space or storefront reveals chipping paint, discolored walls, or faded tones, it’s time to think about repainting. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the overall appearance of a space, making the entire building feel newer. While painting is one of the most affordable ways to freshen up a commercial space, it’s still important to plan ahead and keep a few key details in mind as you coordinate your commercial repainting project.

1. Timeline and Cost

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The first key consideration when planning a commercial repainting project is the timeline. Gather measurements for the spaces you need painted and nail down the details of the exterior and interior painting you’d like to have completed. Then, begin to gather quotes from painters in your area to learn about an estimated timeline. How long will it take to paint your commercial space?

Compare these timeline estimates with your expected business volume for the next few months. Is your busy season coming up? Are you in the midst of planning a big event? These details will determine how long your business can afford to have painters working on the building, and help you decide when to schedule your service. With proper planning, the right professionals can complete a commercial painting project without too much disruption to your business. 

Just as important as specifying a timeline is learning what to expect in terms of the overall cost of a commercial painting service. As you talk with painters in your area about the expected timeline, you can also gather estimates around the expected cost of your commercial painting needs. This will not only help you choose the right professionals for the job, but will also allow you to plan ahead in your budget to accommodate this need.

2. How Urgently Do You Need It?

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Thoroughly examining your commercial space can help you determine how urgently you need to schedule your repainting service. Some signs that it’s time to repaint are obvious, and some simply come down to personal preference and style. On the other hand, a few signs that your exterior needs repainting are easy to miss, but indicate urgency. Be on the lookout for signs that it’s time to repaint, such as: 

  • Chalking
  • Mold and mildew
  • Fading color 

It can be easy to overlook a few chips in the paint or slight discoloration, especially if you see your building every day. However, keep in mind that the appearance of your commercial space often plays a large role in the first impression that potential customers have of your business. Addressing paint issues can go a long way in improving your business overall.

3. Look and Feel

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Once you’ve determined that the cost and timeline of commercial painting will fit within your schedule and budget, it’s time to nail down your desired look and feel for the outcome of the project. Start by revisiting your reasons for wanting to repaint in the first place. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Are the colors dated?
  • Did you move into the space without sufficient time to remodel, and now want to make it your own?
  • Have industry trends changed?

These questions will help you define your goals for the project and direct you toward the right look and feel. Perform research or talk with your painters to determine current trends in your industry, then weave in your own brand story, style, and preferences to set yourself apart while staying on-trend. Determining your desired look and feel can also help you identify the right service providers for your project.

4. Who to Hire

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One of the most important, yet overwhelming, considerations for a commercial painting project is choosing the right painters for the job. As you look into local service providers, keep an eye out for details around their experience: both how many years of experience back them, and what job types they’re familiar with. Whenever possible, ask for references and verify the details and outcome of their past work. Browse their website to view their portfolio, read reviews, and verify all required licenses and certifications.

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