4 Ways To Make an Office Space More Efficient

4 Ways To Make an Office Space More Efficient

Your surroundings affect your daily life and productivity astronomically, probably more than you even realize. You likely spend just as much– if not more– time in your work environment than at home. Office space is most useful when it fosters creativity, inspires collaboration, and increases efficiency. 

Ensuring that your office space is just as efficient and comfortable is essential on so many levels– namely productivity. From layouts and temperature to lighting and a touch of personalization– and everything in between– following are some helpful tips on how to optimize your office space to maximize productivity at work!

1. Create an Effective and Sensical Layout

1. Create an Effective and Sensical Layout

Your office layout is more than just the separating of departments into cubicles and tasks into file cabinets. Your workplace should reflect not only how you work, it should “make sense,” and the energy of the space should be maximized just as much as the square footage is.

Welcoming clients into an enticing environment that feels comfortable, not a cluttered and confusing one, is a goal to attain. But more than just clients, your team members and coworkers should feel an everyday sense of comfort and familiarity as well. Don’t trip up anyone walking through a maze of desks and chairs, a sea of cluttered cords, or illogically placed work machines. From stepping in with their morning coffee to stepping out for their evening at home, set your team up from success!

2. Keep Distracting Lights and Sounds To a Minimum

led lights located along the office room creating lots of light in an efficient way

Nothing distracts from productivity like raucous noise or a room that is poorly lit or too bright. Be sure to keep loud work tools like printers and copiers in an area where noise isn’t an issue, as creating a peaceful space is essential to helping employees be both innovative and productive.

Fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are common throughout the open spaces typically found in most office environments. Keep halogen and incandescent options in mind, though, as they provide a warmer and longer-lasting option, often preferred by those in an office setting. Ample amounts of natural light and minimal noise can facilitate your team feeling healthier as well as more energetic and valuable during work hours.

3. Provide Comfort With Window Insulation and Temperature

well lit up office room with a big desk for 8 people, big window with a view of the city

As many offices navigate a newfound hybrid office environment, companies need to think through designing their office and office habits in more dynamic, flexible ways. Occupancy may fluctuate more than before, and the use of conventional HVAC systems, thermostats, heating, and cooling, etc., should reflect that. Make sure your team is as comfortable as possible year-round without overheating or having to layer up at work. Improved ventilation and indoor air quality is imperative, as well! 

Window insulation can also play a part in controlling temperature and comfortability in the office. A single pane of glass can lose nearly 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall—and depending on when your office environment was last remodeled, your heater might be working overtime trying to make up the difference. Window insulation is an easy way to keep your office comfortable and cozy– as well as lower your utility costs!

Personalize Your Space

office space with images on the wall making it more personal

Office efficiency also spills over into implementing serenity within your space. If you enjoy a certain aesthetic, chances are, you’re going to be more content. That contentment will likely create higher happiness levels, translating into higher productivity. Some ways to increase comfortability in your office space are to: 

  • Get personal. Surround yourself with life moments including photos, travel knick-knacks, plants, or souvenirs of any sort 
  • Keep your favorite snacks nearby for a brain boost 
  • Decrease clutter. Keep your space clean with proper organization by giving your gadgets a home 
  • Splash your favorite color around your space or hang original art 
  • Keep decor to anything that inspires creativity or productivity 

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