5 Ways to Make a Veterinary Clinic More Welcoming

5 Ways to Make a Veterinary Clinic More Welcoming

Don’t make the ambiance and atmosphere of your veterinary clinic an afterthought. Make it a priority. Inviting your guests– both the furry ones and their paw-rents– into cheerful and calming surroundings is key. Chances are, the car ride already revved up their nervous systems, so you’ll want to do everything in your power to help them to relax once arriving. Following are some ways to make their visit pleasant from start to finish!

Build a Homey, Comfortable, and Clean Waiting Area

Waiting are of the veterinary clinic with leather couches, lots of plants, and soft light

Welcome Fido and Bella into a homey area, comfortable for humans and animals alike. Yes, pets like treats, but perhaps pamper owners a bit too with a fun treat! 

Think through the small details– like what will your customers do with their pet when taking money out to pay for services? How can they keep their pet safe while waiting for their appointment and likely scrolling their smartphone? An inexpensive leash clip on the payment desk and near the sitting area will invoke gratitude in any pet owner. Also– consider selling new quality products like treats, hypoallergenic food, toys, and seasonal items at the checkout desk! 

Cleanliness is also imperative. Consider tiled floors to minimize cleanup for any animal accidents. Surfaces that are too polished can also frighten certain species. In this instance, rubber-backed mats may be a great option, as they can be hosed off easily, and are inexpensive if they need to be replaced. Your waiting area is the first impression your clinic makes on the masses, and cleanliness is key.

Educate Your Clients

a vet doctor talking to a client who has a dog on her lap at the veterinary doctor

Speaking of the waiting area, it’s the perfect place to catch the inattentive gaze of your clients and educate them on a variety of subjects relating to animals. Anyone in the waiting room of a veterinary clinic has a passion for pets and wants to know how to care for them best. Anything will work here– Informational posters, pamphlets, flyers, infographics– the works! 

Also, take the opportunity and enlighten clients on what your practice is doing and any additional services you offer. Do you offer grooming, boarding, or training options? Let your clients know– and be sure to place your logo on every marketing or informational material!

Separate Animals– and Separate Clinic Practices

a woman grooming a little puppy in a sperate are at the veterinary clinic

Although every invited guest that runs, hops, gallops, or slithers their way into your clinic is a part of the animal kingdom, they don’t necessarily need to be cooped up next to each other. Parrots, pooches, and peacocks each have wildly specific needs and should be kept separate for both comfort and safety reasons. Consider dividers that are opaque at the bottom and clear at the top. 

Also ideally separated are the clinic practices. Build out specific areas for things like grooming, boarding, and washing, so it’s not a CATastrophe. One practice that should most definitely have its own specific area is euthanasia. Putting your pet down is a difficult practice to read about, and even harder to live through. Ensure that extra comfort and empathy are interwoven into the entire process.

Soft Light, Acoustics, and a Pleasant Odor Go a Long Way

veterinary clinic lobby with soft lights, teal couches

Again, the main goal here is to create the least taxing and most comfortable environment possible. Soft lighting helps for a calming atmosphere, and the less stress on the animals, the better! Make sure that the layout of your clinic is agreeable to the acoustics, as loud noises may trigger some animals. Odors should be paid attention to, as well. Consider placing certain species or clinic practices by windows, and having safe, pleasant-smelling products on hand. 

In an ideal world, your practice's HVAC system can handle most odors. However, if you are located in an older building, you may need some help in this department. Covering up and eradicating pet odors is one thing, but you also want to be aware of and get rid of any smells that may upset incoming animals. Consistent cleaning and air fresheners should do the trick!

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