Benefits of Building a Custom Home
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4 Benefits to Building a Custom Home (2022)


Finding an existing home that truly meets your needs has become next to impossible, especially as the housing market has shifted in the last few years. Competition for existing homes has skyrocketed, while new priorities and changing needs for most households have left even recent floor plans feeling out-of-date. To avoid bidding wars and ensure they’re getting a home that truly meets their requirements, many people are opting to build custom homes instead. Here are a few of the key benefits.

1. Get the Best Quality

One of the key reasons why many people opt to build new homes is because they can trust that new construction means they won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on unexpected repairs in the first few years of living in their new home. Building a custom home brings this benefit a step further by giving you the opportunity to choose the best material quality and to build with the most modern technology available. This high level of quality means years of savings and peace of mind down the line.

Custom home high quality bathroom.

2. Fit Your Lifestyle

Building a custom home means that instead of reshaping your lifestyle and habits to fit an existing house, you get to create the ideal setting for the lifestyle you love, from the ground up! From the size of your family to the places you love to spend your time, building custom allows you to allocate space and amenities exactly as you see fit. 

Love cooking and entertaining? Pull out all the stops in your kitchen and dining areas, and select customized options to add a special flair to your space. Work remotely? Include a comfortable home office that’s fine-tuned for your focus. Planning for a large family? Set aside space for multiple bedrooms and bathrooms so everyone has their own area. 

Plus, building a custom home allows you to be strategic and intentional about your lot choice, instead of simply buying whichever existing home comes closest to your criteria. You get to make decisions about the privacy, location, and size of the lot you set out to purchase, then build the home of your dreams in your ideal area.

Custom home with a personal high tech lifestyle room.

3. Prioritize What Matters

The current state of the housing market in most cities leaves buyers scrambling to get under contract for any home, let alone one that truly meets all of their needs and priorities. Worse yet, bidding wars often force hopeful buyers into higher price points, now made worse by rising interest rates. Building a custom home offers budget flexibility and the empowerment of choosing what you want to pay for, and skipping the rest!

With so many options for amenities and add-ons when it comes to new builds, it’s impossible to create a one-size-fits-all home – but that’s what many big box builders try to do. On the other hand, building custom means that your money goes toward the things you find most important. Whether you’re passionate about sustainability and allocate budget to solar panels, or whether you’re all about outdoor space and invest in a backyard kitchen and pizza oven, the choice is all yours. 

With older layouts and pre-built homes, buyers often end up paying for space they won’t even use, whether it be in the form of an extra guest room or a formal dining room. However, building custom allows you to optimize the functionality of your home while allocating your budget to the exact features and amenities you’ll get the most use out of.

White themed modern traditional style kitchen.

4. Let Your Personality Shine

There are few feelings more satisfying than moving into a new home that you had a hand in creating. From large overarching decisions like floor plan to smaller details like appliance finishes and door handles, building custom allows you deep personalization. Instead of another cookie-cutter home in a new development where every house resembles the rest on the block, building custom means you’ll create something unique, with your own tastes and style reflected in every aspect.

Living room decorated with live plants.

Get Started Today

Your home is an extension of you, not just a place to eat and sleep. Having your priorities, needs, and style reflected in your house can play a large role in facilitating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! With the right team, you can make the custom house of your dreams into a reality. Contact DeLeers to get started today.

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