Designing Your Kids' Rooms: 4 Pro Tips

Designing Your Kids' Rooms: 4 Pro Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you can’t be bothered with decorations or you’re an interior design connoisseur– designing your child’s bedroom is overwhelming. Depending on the space you have to work with, your budget, and your child’s interests, there’s a lot to consider! However, doing a mini-makeover of your child’s bedroom can be a fun way to foster creativity, learn new skills, and spend time doing something together. 

You’ll want to create a functional space that allows your child to both play and relax, but also to grow! As your child’s habits and interests change, their room may need to transform with them. Rather than overhauling their entire bedroom every year, consider these four simple tips to help make designing a child’s bedroom less stressful.

1. Keep it simple.

simple kids' bedroom with the bed, a desk on the right and some pictures on the wall

When it comes to designing a more timeless space that can adapt to the changing needs of your kid, less is more! Keep it simple by limiting the amount of furniture and decorations to a minimum. By focusing on only a few high-quality upgrades or changes, you can create a blank canvas for your child to express their interests, passions, and hobbies. 


If your budget won't allow for a complete overhaul, focus on one area of the room at a time, like a certain wall or one special corner. Don't forget that even if you don't have the time or resources for fancy dressers or expensive wall art, there are simpler ways to make over a room– swapping out curtains or bedding sets will give an old look fresh life! As long as you have fun creating something special together with your child, then everything else should fall into place.

2. Make the most out of the space.

bunk beds in the kids room shaped as a little house with plush toys everywhere

Small room? No problem! It’s only an opportunity to get creative with the layout and setup of your kid’s room. Consider space-saving furniture hacks that create an open layout for your child to play. Prioritize what’s currently relevant and important to your child: do they need a cool desk to do homework, or an accessible shelf to store toys? Maybe they’d prefer a loft bed that opens up space underneath, or a wardrobe to store extra clothes. 


By thoughtfully considering the functionality of the bedroom before making any design decisions, you’ll be able to maximize your use of space in a way that suits the needs of your kid. Remember, it’s always easier to start with less and add more later. To make the most out of the space you have, you don’t want to overdo it.

3. Add a focus corner.

a focus corner in the bedroom with pictures on the wall and a crib

Don’t forget to reserve an area of your child’s bedroom for more focused activities. A “focus corner” is an important, yet often overlooked part of any kids' room. It's a place where your child can do their homework, study, or complete arts and crafts projects in peace. A simple desk and chair will make an excellent focus corner, but you can get creative by adding fun pillows, inspirational quotes, or a funky lamp to the area. 


Even young children can use a focus corner for quiet time activities like coloring, drawing, or looking at picture books. They may even enjoy this part of their room as a reading nook or a place to journal as they get older.

4. Play with color in creative ways.

kids bedroom  with colorful pillows, pictures, and bedding

Don’t fall into the classic trap of painting your child’s bedroom bright pink, only for them to outgrow it in a few months. Instead of expressing their favorite colors through paint, try adding a statement piece of furniture or a fun wall tapestry that can be easily switched out. It’s way easier to replace a few bright pieces of wall art than it is to repaint an entire room! 


If your child insists on having a lime green room, perhaps try compromising on one accent color wall. Changing the color of one wall is a lot easier, and cheaper, than repainting all four.

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Redesigning your child’s bedroom might be easier than you think. When it comes to a kid’s room, the main focus should be creating a space for them to play, learn, grow, and most importantly, feel safe. Of course, you’ll also want it to be a space they enjoy– but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg renovating it. The team at DeLeers is here for you to make your kids' rooms the best they can be - give us a call today!

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