How To Build An Awe-Inspiring Dining Room

How To Build An Awe-Inspiring Dining Room

While some modern floor plans completely omit a dining room, the fact remains that dining rooms have incredible potential for bringing the wow factor. Especially for homeowners who love to host dinner parties and entertain friends, a beautiful dining room is a must. As a dedicated space for entertaining, the dining room invites splendor and personal style. If you’re in the process of designing your new dining room, keep these popular features in mind.

1. Lofted Ceilings

dinning room with warm wood tones and lofted ceiling

For an instant luxe look, design a dining room with high vaulted ceilings. High ceilings utilize vertical space in order to create the appearance of a larger room. Lofted ceilings bring the awe factor with their inherent drama and class. Plus, high ceilings allow for more wall space, where you can add windows for more natural light, or decorate to your heart’s content with pieces that speak to your personal style.

2. Chandeliers

big dinning room with shiny chandelier, staircase in the back

Dining rooms are the ideal spaces for standout hardware like chandeliers and other unique hanging lights. Because the dining room table will be the focal point and will sit lower to the ground, dining rooms provide the perfect opportunity for a low-hanging fixture that lights up the room in more ways than one. While the word chandelier might call to mind dated fashion and Victorian styles, hanging lights and chandeliers come in a wide variety of finishes and styles, ranging from traditional and classic to modern and chic.

3. Wet Bar

It’s easy to picture dining rooms as stuffy and outdated, but by tailoring them to fit your lifestyle, they can become both trendy and useful. Is your dining room intended for equal parts drinking and dining? Adding a wet bar to the dining room allows homeowners to make the space multifunctional and add convenience to its everyday use. Plus, with the right style selections, a wet bar can take a dining area to the next level in terms of appearance as well. Integrate open shelves and strategic lighting to show off your wine or liquor collection, and your wet bar will become your most popular decoration.

4. Fireplace

dinning room with a fireplace in a wooden house

Are you drawing dining room inspiration from the goal of hosting your family’s next Thanksgiving or holiday meal? Nothing makes for a cozy evening quite like a fireplace. Whether your home is in the mountains or whether your style revolves around a rustic feel, adding a fireplace to your dining room lends a unique and elevated air to the space. 

What’s more, fireplaces can be built using a wide variety of materials, making it easy to include a fireplace no matter your overall style. If you love the idea of hanging out around the dining room table with the crackling fire burning but don’t want a rustic theme, there are still plenty of sleek options for fireplaces. Common materials for fireplaces include: 

  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Stone 

In addition, regardless of your climate, if you’re enamored with the idea of a dining room fireplace, there are options! From wood-burning fireplaces that will give off immaculate “cabin in the woods” vibes to electric fireplaces that can provide the look of a fancy fireplace without adding heat, the dining room of your dreams is within reach.

5. Wall Decor

dinning room with big table, blue chairs, a big picture of the blue mountains on the wall

One of the best areas for self-expression and creativity in your dining room design is wall decor. In the early stages of designing your new dining room, you’ll need to decide what materials the walls and room itself will be made of. Opting for regular drywall and paint allows for added flexibility. Repainting is a relatively easy undertaking in case you want to refresh the style of the room later on, and you can hang any desired shelves or artwork on the drywall easily. Added texture on the walls can play into a modern look, and wallpaper can help you go bold on the room’s design.

On the other hand, some trends and styles are best suited for other building materials. Use stone or brick to create a rustic, classical feel that calls to mind royal hunting lodges. Especially alongside a chandelier and a fireplace, you’ll have guests feeling like they’ve stepped foot in a castle when you host dinner parties!

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