How to Choose a General Contractor for Commercial Projects

4 Steps to Help You Choose a General Contractor for Commercial Projects

If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to add more space to your storefront, build a second location for your restaurant, or renovate your current business location, congratulations! This is an exciting next step for the growth of your business. At the same time, making this decision also opens the door for many other important choices, which can be overwhelming. One of the most consequential of these decisions is which general contractor you’ll work with on your commercial project.

Choosing the right general contractor is key to creating the best possible outcome for your project. You’ll be working with your general contractor for months, so finding one you trust is essential to the success of your project and your business. A general contractor should handle aspects of your project including:

  • Overseeing each step of the process
  • Hiring any necessary subcontractors
  • Taking care of scheduling
  • Coordinating supplies

Here’s how to choose the right contractor to complete your project according to your vision.

1. Get clear on your goals and priorities

Talking about clear goals and priorities with general contractor.

Before you can choose from the “construction companies near me” to complete your project, you first need to sit down and zero in on your goals, specifications, and priorities. Different general contractors will have varying specialties, capabilities, and connections, meaning that even if they all perform well in their own roles, they might not all be the best fit for you.

Set your budget, determine a timeline, and list your “must-haves.” Do you need a remodeling contractor, or will you be sifting through builders near me? What is the scope and scale of your project? What overall style and design are you hoping to achieve? Getting clear about these questions will help guide your selection as you look through portfolios and recommendations.

2. Request recommendations

Request recommendations that have done work with friends and family.

Whether you’re adding a section to your salon, opening a second location for your coffee shop, or renovating your veterinary practice, the successful and timely completion of your project will have a large impact on the performance of your business overall. That’s why it’s essential to partner with a commercial contractor you can trust!

The most reliable way to find a trustworthy home improvement contractor is by asking others for recommendations. You can gather referrals and recommendations by:

  • Posting a request on your business social media pages
  • Asking fellow business owners
  • Polling your networking groups or referral partners
  • Checking with local friends and family for referrals

If someone you know and trust has already found a great general contractor, you’re one big step ahead of the game!

3. Check their reviews, licensing, and safety record

Check their reviews, licensing, and safety record on computer.

Once you’ve compiled a set of names for general contractors who come highly recommended by your friends, family, network, and followers, then you’re ready to dive into your own research. The online presence of a general contractor, just like a home remodeling contractor, can tell you important details about the way they conduct business and the quality of their services. In many cases, you’ll be able to find Google reviews that will give you an honest view of whether past customers were satisfied with their work.

General contractors for commercial projects may also have reviews on their social media pages, as well as testimonials posted to their website. Though these may not be as unfiltered as Google reviews, they can still shed light on the contractor’s specific strengths. If those strengths align with your goals and priorities, they may be a great fit!

Take time to look through the online information available for each of your contractor options. Many general contractors and home improvement contractors keep an online portfolio on their website, which can help you get a feel for their specialties when it comes to style and design as well as project type and scope.

At this time, you can also peruse the website for important information such as:

  • Case studies
  • Proper licensing
  • Safety record
  • Process outline 

Each of these elements will help you narrow down your search list to a few top general contractors. At this point, it’s time to reach out to each of your options to begin requesting quotes and more in-depth information.

4. Ask specific questions

Asking specific questions with general contractor.

Once you’re in touch with a few different contractors, compare quotes and use the opportunity to ask specific questions before diving into a contract. Ensure that they can deliver the style and scope of the project you need, talk with them about your vision, and find out more about their timelines and practices.

How involved will you be in the planning process? What happens if supply prices shift mid-project? Determining the answers to key questions like these can prevent unpleasant surprises down the line and help you choose the very best general contractor for your commercial project. Once you’ve chosen the right partner, be prepared to collaborate and stay patient.

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