The Ultimate Guide To Residential Floor Renovations

The Ultimate Guide To Residential Floor Renovations

Is it time to freshen up the flooring in your home? Whether you moved into a fixer-upper, are building a new custom home, or are simply ready for a change in your current home, replacing the floors can make a world of difference in the look and feel of each space. Learn about the ideal flooring types to add value and functionality for various areas in the home.


a bed with white sheets, nightstand, dresser with sign above it, carpet flooring

Choosing the right bedroom flooring for your tastes and lifestyle can help you start and end each day on the right foot. You spend the first and last minutes of each day in your bedroom, so your comfort and preferences are especially important in this room! Because of the element of comfort and the desire for a warm, quiet space, one of the most popular flooring selections for bedrooms is carpet. The carpet reduces echo and helps keep the room insulated. Choosing a fresh, soft carpet for your bedroom floor renovation will allow you to start and end each day walking across the plush and comfortable surface. 

Alternatively, households with multiple pets or children often steer clear of installing new carpet. For these families, luxury hardwood flooring makes an ideal bedroom flooring option. Easy to clean and long-lasting, luxury hardwood flooring is durable and attractive. With a few strategically placed rugs, bedrooms with luxury hardwood flooring are just as cozy and beautiful as those with carpet.


spacious kitchen, ceiling light, dark cupboards, tile flooring and a big window

Kitchen flooring is all about style and ease of cleaning. As one of the first spaces, many guests will see and as a highly-trafficked place in the home, it’s important for the kitchen to reflect your personal tastes and the desired style of the home overall. Equally important is choosing flooring materials that resist stains and other wear and tear, since the kitchen can be a particularly messy place, especially in households big on cooking! 

Thanks to its customizability and the ease of cleaning, tile is a popular choice for kitchen floor renovations. Homeowners can choose the pattern, colors, materials, and style for their tile flooring to make their kitchen design completely unique. Many types of tile are durable and quick to clean as well. On the other hand, some prefer the warm and welcoming appearance of wood flooring instead. In this case, parquet is a great choice for kitchen flooring since its patterns can be customized and its intricate designs are attractive and classy.


spacious bathroom with lit up tile flooring, big bath tub in the middle, big lit up window

Bathroom flooring, like kitchen flooring, needs to be easy to clean. However, unlike kitchen floor renovations, bathroom floor renovations must take into account the fact that bathrooms with showers and bathtubs tend to hold more moisture than any other rooms in the house. This is an important consideration when choosing the right flooring option, as porous flooring options such as hardwood are not ideal for bathrooms. 

One bathroom flooring type that adds value and functionality to the space is heated tile. Particularly for ensuite bathrooms or frequently-used bathrooms with showers, a heated tile feature can make all the difference in your lifestyle, especially in chillier months. The tile is easy to clean and resists water damage when properly sealed, making it perfect for bathroom environments. Plus, tile comes in a range of colors and available patterns, making it perfect for customization. 

For those who prefer the look of wood or stone over tile but don’t want to risk using a porous material in the bathroom, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an excellent option. LVT can be made to look like stone, wood, or other organic material, while still offering the durability and sustainability of synthetic flooring.

Living Room

grey sectional with the abstract picture behind, coffee table in the middle, hardwood flooring with the rug in the couch area

The living room is one of the most flexible and customizable spaces in most homes. The best flooring option for your living room depends on the way you use it and your general lifestyle. Do you ever serve snacks or eat dinner in the living room? If so, you may want to opt for an easy-to-clean material, perhaps matching the kitchen. Do you host game night there and sit on the floor? Carpet might be your best bet. Choose your flooring materials based on the desired style and function of the room. Popular living room flooring options include:

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • LVT


entryway with white shelves, clear door, hardwood floors

Choosing the best flooring for an entryway can be tricky. While style is important since this space is the first that most guests will see of your home, durability and weatherproofing are of equal concern. To combine a beautiful appearance with reliable durability, many households opt for polished concrete or stone flooring. With a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, these materials can withstand muddy boots on a snowy day while also making a stunning first impression.

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