Tips to Make Your Master Bedroom the Most Comfortable Room in the House

Tips to Make Your Master Bedroom the Most Comfortable Room in the House

For the vast majority of homeowners, there’s no room in the home that gets more use than the master bedroom. It’s where you spend the very beginning and very end of each day, and for many, it serves as a relaxing respite throughout the day as well.

Consider incorporating these design tips and features into your master bedroom design to ensure it becomes the most comfortable room in the house.

1. Install Adjustable Lighting

Tips for master bedroom lighting.

Because the master bedroom is used at different times of day when natural lighting varies and because the room serves many different purposes, installing adjustable lighting can work wonders in elevating the comfort and functionality of the room. For example, you’ll require different lighting when you’re choosing an outfit or organizing your jewelry than you would for reading before bed. 

The best master bedroom lighting ideas will depend on your needs and lifestyle. Will you be applying makeup in the master bedroom, or will that only take place in the bathroom? Will you include a relaxing sitting area in your master bedroom layout, or a simple bed and dresser? Will you add a full-length mirror, and where will it be located? The features of your master bedroom and their intended uses will dictate the best lighting choices. 

Whether you have a full-blown makeup counter or simply need a reading light, ensuring that you can change the brightness of your overhead lighting and that you can switch some lights on and off from the location of the bed can help your day go more smoothly and comfortably. It’s inconvenient to have to get out of bed to turn off the lights once you’re done reading or chatting, so keeping control of some lighting near the bed can go a long way. Planning out the layout of your room overall is the first step to determining the type of lighting and additional features you’ll need to make your room as comfortable as possible.

2. Add Plenty of Storage

Tips for master bedroom storage.

When a room doesn’t have enough storage space for all the items you plan to keep in it, the room quickly begins to feel uncomfortable and cramped. That’s why one of the most important bedroom features is plenty of bedroom shelving or master bedroom cabinets! As you plan your master bedroom layout, consider where your belongings will go. 

From decorations and books to clothing and shoes, everything needs its own place in order to keep the room feeling clean and organized. Whether you choose to include exposed bedroom shelving to show off your trinkets and heirlooms or whether you opt for a large walk-in closet or an armoire, considering your storage strategy is one of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of planning a master bedroom layout.

3. Include a Ceiling Fan

Tips for master bedroom ceiling fan.

Another important aspect of keeping your master bedroom comfortable is maintaining an ideal temperature. Even in homes with great systems for heating and cooling, the air in bedrooms can quickly feel stuffy. Including a bedroom ceiling fan in your master bedroom design plan can help keep the air moving throughout the room, making you more comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Plus, ceiling fans for bedrooms come in a variety of styles that can help tie together the design throughout the room as a whole!

4. Be Strategic About Windows

Large windows shining natural light into bedroom

Choosing the right type and location for your bedroom windows will dictate the amount and timing of natural light you’ll get in the room. While this may seem simple, considerations about local weather patterns, the direction your bedroom faces, and the best materials for your home should all be taken into account.

The right team of contractors for your master bedroom design can help you make choices about your bedroom windows that prioritize your needs. Plus, choosing the right team for your bedroom windows will prevent you from having to look into things like, “how to fix a broken window seal” and “how to seal windows from bugs” down the line.

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