Top 5 Room Design Ideas from DeLeers

At DeLeers, we love crafting a home with unique details and functional design elements to make the most of your living space. Below are 5 of our favorite functional and beautiful ways to elevate your home:

1. Indoor/Outdoor Living area

1. Indoor/Outdoor Living area

By adding an enclosed patio, this gorgeous room can be used year-round. Complete with details including a fireplace, TV, and cozy couches, no one will ever want to leave.

2. Large or Double Kitchen Islands

Large Kitchen styled in white.

A large kitchen island increases function and storage. It is designed to increase workspace and encourage family and friends to gather around.

3. Dining Room Built-In + Wet Bar

3. Dining Room Built-In + Wet Bar

We love a simple addition to the dining room: a built-in cabinet and wet bar for easy storage, storing bottles of wine for a quick refill, and a place to do a quick rinse of dishes so your dinner party never has to take a break.

4. Double Shower With Multiple Shower Heads

4. Double Shower With Multiple Shower Heads

Dial up your shower experience in your bathroom by doubling the size and adding a variety of showerheads for a spa-like experience. The beautiful tile work only amplifies the luxurious look and feel.

5. Elevated Kitchen Cabinetry

Elevated Kitchen Cabinetry

From soft-close cabinets to unique storage solutions (we love this built-in spice rack) to appliances with cabinet facings, the design and storage options for kitchen cabinetry are endless.

How do I get started?

Whether you just want to start a conversation about a possible remodel or renovation, or have already made the decision to begin work, we encourage you to email our expert team at [email protected] or call our office to set up a time to meet and discuss your vision and how we can help it come to life.

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