What To Do With Your Spare Room (5 Ideas)

What To Do With Your Spare Room (5 Ideas)

Whether you’re settling into a new home, are new to being an empty nester, or are simply tired of letting the second basement guest room go to waste, it’s time to get creative about how to put your spare room to good use. With so many options and stress-free remodel processes available, there’s no good reason to keep paying for space you aren’t using! Choose the best use for your spare room based on your lifestyle and your interests.

1. Theater Room

Movie is playing on a big tv screen at the home theatre

If you’re always looking forward to watching the latest cinematic release or binging the newest Netflix show, a theater room might be the ideal use for your spare room! While most households already have a TV and many of them are quite large already, a dedicated theater room can bring your viewing experiences to the next level and allow you to host epic movie nights. A few elements to consider including in your theater room are: 

  • Stadium seating or oversized recliners 
  • Popcorn machine 
  • Projector 
  • Blackout curtains 

With the right finishing touches, you’ll create the luxury of visiting a high-end movie theater right in the comfort of your home. Take it a step further and add custom paneling or classic movie theater paint colors like red and gold. Add built-in shelves or hidden storage so there’s always a place to add the latest movies to your collection!

2. Game Room

Game room with arcade games

Whether you’ve got kids or are simply a kid at heart, turning your extra room into a game room can help you create happy memories that last a lifetime. This option allows for plenty of personalization, since you’re the one who gets to choose what types of game set-ups to include! Video game enthusiasts might install a large TV and sound system with an oversized couch facing the set-up head-on.

Other gaming elements to consider for your game room include pool tables, ping pong tables, or even arcade games! Some families simply love board games. In this case, a great option is to design a space with a large table where all can sit, and incorporate plenty of built-in storage where games can be kept when not in use. Don’t forget plenty of comfortable chairs!

3. Gym

Home gym with equipment for exercising

In the last few years, exercising at home has grown in popularity and as a result, at-home workout program options are now endless. From apps and subscriptions to on-demand videos, there are ways for everyone to enjoy an at-home workout. Leaving the house to go to the gym can simply require more time and energy than you have to spare, and creating an at-home gym space can topple that barrier to a healthy lifestyle completely! Your home gym design might include: 

  • Rubber flooring 
  • A large wall-mounted mirror 
  • Added fans to increase air flow. 

Turning your spare room into a home gym can be as simple or as in-depth as you need it to be. Whether you simply want a calm and quiet space to unroll your yoga mat or whether you dream of equipment options rivaling the gym, there are plenty of home gym design options for you! Consider the activities you enjoy the most and what equipment they require, then prioritize from there with your budget in mind. Home gym equipment can include:

  • A stationary bike, elliptical, or treadmill
  • Dumbbells or barbells
  • Weight benches or squat racks 

There’s no one correct way to work out! The beauty of creating your own home gym is that you can continue to add equipment, change your setup, and adjust your priorities as you see fit. Over time, our needs and preferences naturally change, and your personal gym can reflect that. Turn your extra room into a space dedicated to your health and fulfillment.

4. Art Studio

Art studio with easel and art supplies

Too often, we dream of exploring new hobbies but can’t find the time or space to dedicate to them. If you’ve got a spare room in your home and you’ve wished for a place to explore your creativity, an art studio might be your perfect solution! Art studios can also serve as a beautiful addition to a home with children, as providing a safe space for artistic expression and play can go a long way in their development. 

The details of your art studio will depend on the type of art you hope to create! From a cozy space to crochet to a light-filled spot for paintings, the options are endless. Some homeowners even purchase their own pottery wheel and kiln in order to throw and fire their own ceramic creations whenever they’d like! In many cases, the flooring in art studios is best left fairly plain and smooth, and it’s helpful to incorporate as much natural light as possible.

5. Walk In Custom Closet

walk-in closet with mirrors in the spare room

Depending on the location of your spare room, a great option may be to turn it into a walk in custom closet! If the spare room is on the same floor as your primary bedroom, consider exploring how a walk in closet could change your everyday routine. Custom closets often involve elements like closet islands where you can fold and organize your clothes, or even a washer and dryer right within the closet! Talk about a streamlined design. 

Utilizing your extra room in favor of better organization and a personalized space for your belongings can help take the stress out of keeping your bedroom feeling clean. It can also give you the freedom to express yourself in a space that is entirely for you. Adding specialized compartments to store each of your belongings and collections, like shoes or hats, can help make the start of each day feel more joyful!

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