Whether a totally new commercial building or an office, we approach everything with the same process. Each step of our Delivery System has many layers that help organization and planning. With these checks and balances in place, you are able to move confidently throughout the entire process so the end result is exactly as you envisioned it.

We stand by our "DeeLers Delivery System" - It's refreshing to know what's happening along the way! We deliver on our promise to keep you informed.

New Commercial Building

A new commercial building can take your business or real estate to the next level. From multi-story student and senior living facilities to multi-functional medical buildings to high end retail spaces, our team will collaborate with you to make your project a success. Our expertise in commercial construction encompasses a wide variety of industries and projects including: 

- Medical Buildings (Dental Offices, Private Practice and Veterinary Clinics)
- Student Housing and Senior Living Facilities
- Office/Commercial Space
- Retail/Grocery Buildings

Once you engage with DeLeers, you will find an expert team who is dedicated to every detail of the vision while staying on-time and on-budget. When you work with DeLeers, there is so much we can accomplish together. We invite you to contact us today. 

Commercial Building Parking Lot
Commercial Building Exterior

Office Renovations

Office renovations to the uninitiated, may not seem like a small world being reported to possibilities, but that is how we see it at DeLeers. Redesigning a space gives us opportunities to help streamline workflow with real solutions. There are most likely things you've had to grin and bear in the past, and this will be your chance to set everything right, to reinvent the wheel, the rooms, and your business itself with new designs and new ways of doing things. You control your office environment, so nothing is set in stone. Don't allow mundane day-to-day going-ons stifle your creative appetite for change and improvement; call us instead.

Reception Desk & Lobby
Office Dining Area

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