4 Backyard “Must Haves” for your Outdoor Living Space

Summer is heating up and we are here to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. At DeLeers, we like to think big and imagine your entire outdoor area as a true extension of your living space. We want you to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space with the perfect space to serve up the ultimate meal, play hard during the day and relax comfortably at night.

Transform your outdoor space with the following:

Outdoor Kitchen

The right outdoor kitchen space can rival any indoor kitchen in terms of function, style and performance.

  • Go beyond the grill and explore additional state-of-the-art cooking options: smokers, range burners and pizza ovens to fire up that mouth-watering summer dinner.
  • Limit the need to run back and forth into the house by installing a gourmet workspace including granite counters, cabinets and a sink so you have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Entertain often? Make your guests more comfortable by installing a beer tap, wine fridge and ice maker so the drinks always stay cold and the party keeps going.

Pro Tip: Consider installing a pavilion or pergola over the outdoor kitchen to break up direct sunlight and create a more comfortable cooking area.


Backyard Deck and Patio

A backyard deck or patio is the perfect way to extend the outdoor living space, and if using an enhanced design, it can elevate the outdoor style and create functional spaces for your enjoyment.

  • We encourage our clients to think broadly about how the space will be used. Whether its primary function will be entertaining large parties or intimate family get-togethers, the right square footage, design, shape and materials will contribute to the ease of use and your satisfaction for years to come.
  • Decks can add visual appeal and function to your home. Look at adding a sunken seating area with a firepit, built-in benches around a hot tub or including design elements in a railing for the perfect combination of function and style.
  • While a majority of decks are made from wood, there is an explosion of composite, concrete, tile and other building materials that are long lasting and can be combined to form the ultimate deck experience.

Pro Tip: Consider the style and aesthetic of the entire home while designing the deck to ensure a seamless look and experience.

Pavilions and Pergolas

Backyard Pavilion and Pergola

A pavilion or pergola is a great way to add shade and create living space anywhere around your backyard. The unique thing about pavilions and pergolas is they can be set anywhere and create flexible space.

  • A pavilion usually has a solid roof and is ideal to protect from the weather while maintaining the outdoor living feel. A pergola has a more open/lattice roof and is great to add some additional cover while still feeling open.
  • The structures don’t need to connect to the main house, offering unlimited options in terms of placement and size. You can add one to the back garden for a lovely seating area or to a corner of the deck/patio to add privacy to your hot tub or create a walkway between two spaces.
  • Adding lighting, climbing flowers or vines and incorporating different materials and colors will make your pavilion or pergola even more inviting and let you enjoy the space day or night.

Pro Tip: Before building a pavilion or pergola make sure to have the right approvals and permits before beginning construction.

Pool House

Backyard Poolhouse

Building a pool house in the backyard is a great way to add value to your property and create an escape for your family and guests while enjoying the pool while limiting the use of the main house.

  • A pool house does not have to be a complicated endeavor. A simple structure that is compatible with the overall aesthetic of your main home will offer a convenient space to change before jumping in.
  • Key features to include in a pool house are ample storage for pool items including towels and floaties, an area to keep food and drinks and a place to privately change. You can also add a bathroom or small kitchen area to further enhance the experience.
  • If you are looking at additional entertaining space, a backyard pool house is a great way to achieve that. Add a pergola or garage doors to the structure for an indoor/outdoor space away from the main home.

Pro Tip: Structures near a pool often experience increased humidity. Use materials, cabinets and furniture that are able to withstand the increased moisture for less ongoing maintenance and increased durability.

Enclosed/Covered Patio

Backyard Enclosed/Covered Patio

Create the ultimate place to comfortably relax outdoors day or night with an enclosed/covered patio. They offer the ideal combination of protection from the outdoor elements while enjoying the fresh air.

  • An enclosed/covered patio can feature skylights or shades controlled by remote control to offer the balance of letting in light or being able to stargaze while still offering protection from the elements.
  • Add technology to the design, install a TV and enjoy the game or movie while relaxing on the deck, add surround sound speakers to set the mood for your al fresco party or game night.
  • Include a heat source so you can enjoy the space on a chilly fall night. Adding a fireplace or overhead heaters can make the space comfortable even when the temperatures are not.

Pro Tip: When building an enclosed/covered patio off the home, consider how the doors to and from the patio will work in the space.

Make Your Outdoor Vision A Reality With DeLeers. If you want to learn more or start the process to transform your outdoor space please call our experts at 920-347-5830.​

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