Kitchen Trends: The Best Kitchen Styles For Your Home

Kitchen Trends: The Best Kitchen Styles For Your Home

Whether you’re building a brand new custom home or plotting out the details of your kitchen remodel, nailing down the details of your ideal style is a crucial step in the process. Your home is an extension of your personality and your lifestyle, so considering an ideal day in your kitchen and the type of use you expect from it will help steer you in the right direction. Consider your preferences, personality, and tastes to choose from some of the top kitchen trends.

1. The Entertainer

Kitchen with built with entertainment features.

For many, the kitchen is the central location for hosting and entertaining. Beyond simply a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen becomes a symbol of connection, family, and friendship. For those living a lifestyle that includes frequent entertaining in the home, implementing a few recent kitchen trends and considerations can make every gathering even more special.

First, designing a kitchen with plenty of room for seating is a must for entertainers. A popular kitchen trend for those who love to host brunches and dinners is incorporating a large peninsula bar. This allows the host to tie up loose ends in the kitchen without missing out on socializing, while also providing extra counter seating along the outside end of the peninsula. Some peninsulas are large enough to accommodate six or eight bar stools while also providing plenty of storage space and a dedicated work area.

In many cases, social gatherings revolve around food as well as an event that the attendees share an interest in. If your gatherings revolve around sports or even television events like reality shows or award shows, consider including a dedicated space for a TV so everyone can easily enjoy the event while socializing. Creating a kitchen space that’s built for entertaining company will make your next event feel seamless and allow you to enjoy the fun while hosting.

2. Sleek & Modern

Kitchen built with black and white modern and sleek style.

Whether or not you plan to flaunt your newly-designed kitchen by entertaining dinner parties and fancy brunches, it’s worth the time to look into the most modern design trends as you choose the kitchen options that best fit your style. One trend among many sleek and modern kitchens designed this year is tall ceilings. No more sweating over the oven or stove: tall ceilings allow easier airflow throughout the kitchen, giving you more room to breathe easily.

While cool colors and bright lights ruled the kitchen design trends a decade ago, warm lighting is making a strong comeback. Utilizing adjustable lights with warm settings, especially for the areas where people will be eating, can transform a home kitchen into the most romantic of dining settings. Pair your sleek lighting choices with the latest in kitchen material trends, like onyx for countertops or backsplashes for a unique visual effect.

3. Classic Stainless

Kitchen built with classic brushed stainless steel handles and kitchen appliance.

While a variety of other materials are climbing in kitchen popularity, classic stainless steel remains one of the most frequently selected materials for kitchen appliances. With a sleek appearance and unmatched durability, stainless steel appliances offer longevity in performance and appearance. Stainless steel matches well with almost every color scheme and the material doesn’t show wear and tear easily, plus it resists rust. In short, it looks good, it works well, and it lasts a long time. There’s no wonder why stainless steel has been a top choice for kitchen appliances for years now!

4. Rustic Copper

Kitchen built with rustic copper counters and cookware.

Whether you’re just ready to break from the stainless steel trend or whether your kitchen design revolves around a rustic theme, copper may be the perfect alternative. With antimicrobial qualities and a truly unique appearance, copper appliances and accents can effortlessly tie together a French country kitchen or a farmhouse-inspired design. From copper range hoods and sinks to copper cookware and kettles, the material offers its own benefits like heating up quickly and being slow to grow bacteria. There’s a reason copper has been viewed as the best of the best in kitchen materials for centuries!

5. Stone & Granite

Kitchen built with granite counters.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, stone and granite continue to come out on top of the trends year after year. The durability and the hygienic qualities of stone countertops make them a worthwhile investment for any custom kitchen. Another added benefit is that there are countless colors and patterns to choose from when it comes to stone or granite counters, which allows for smooth integration into the style of the rest of your kitchen.

One type of stone rising in popularity is quartz. Between its beautiful, sparkling appearance and the fact that it’s less porous than many other stone types and therefore more hygienic, quartz has become a go-to option for high-end kitchens. Quartz countertops resist bacteria as well as stains and are just as durable as other stone counter options.

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