5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Kitchen Remodel
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By: Brian DeGrave


Brian D.

5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve watched any of the home renovation shows on TV (and there sure are plenty of them!) you may have found yourself experiencing kitchen envy. New cabinets! New appliances! More counter space! You might find yourself giving your own kitchen the side-eye when you see all that’s possible - from flooring to lighting and everything in between. 

It’s become increasingly clear that the kitchen is not just a place to heat leftovers these days - it’s a true focal point in many homes. When you host a party, have you noticed that everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen? If your kitchen hasn’t had an update in a long time (possibly ever), how do you know it’s time to take the plunge? 

Here are five signs that you may be ready:

1. Your drawers and cabinets have seen better days. As is often the case, they aren’t just outdated in style and appearance, but they may not be fully functional anymore. It’s not uncommon for old drawers and cabinets to experience hardware issues (such as a drawer not opening smoothly). For cabinets (and related structures) that are still physically sound, you might still want new facings to give the kitchen a whole new look. 

2. You need more storage. Or maybe you just need differently configured storage. Today there are many options (including open concepts) for storing everything from plates to pots and pans. A good designer can help you figure out just what you need and will create a plan to accomplish just that. 

3. You’re interested in making your kitchen smarter. Today’s modern appliances have many bells and whistles that weren’t around even a decade ago. You’ll be amazed at some of the options. From a refrigerator than can tell you if you’re out of eggs to a stove that can be controlled through an app on your phone, having a smart kitchen can make life easier in lots of ways. 

4. You want more natural light. A definite trend in kitchen design is to bring in more natural light and, paired with the smart features mentioned above, provide more control over lighting in general. 

5. You simply want a more modern look. You’ve seen the glory (Backsplashes! An island!) and you want in. Maybe you can’t bear to look at the circa 1989 oak cabinets for another day.  Or how about old vinyl or linoleum flooring that is well past its prime? 

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen there’s no better time than now! Let DeLeers Service Division create that perfect spot for your guests to congregate at your next party!

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