4 Stunning Bath & Shower Styles in 2024

Check Out These Stunning Bath & Shower Styles

When it comes to home renovation and choosing custom features for a new build, bathrooms rightly receive a great deal of attention. Bathroom trends move quickly, making these spaces among the first to appear dated in older homes.

Create a bathroom space that’s as functional and relaxing as it is beautiful and stylish when you incorporate these four stunning styles that have taken 2022 design by storm.

1. Rainfall Shower Heads

Rainfall shower head.

Enjoy the feeling of the spa right at home with rainfall shower heads. Overhead shower heads offer full-coverage water flow, eliminating the need to change positions or adjust the shower head throughout the shower in order to get water flow evenly.

This helps contribute to a more relaxing shower experience, offering the ideal start or finish to any day.

Rainfall shower heads are also easy to clean and fully customizable, available in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Many ceiling-mounted shower heads allow users to adjust the water flow, temperature, and pressure, meaning the shower can respond to your own preferences. From shower experience to style, incorporating a rainfall shower head into your new bathroom design will give you free rein to customize to your heart’s desire.

2. Steam Showers and Chromotherapy Showers

Steam shower and chromotherapy.

For those seeking additional health benefits from their showers, steam showers and chromotherapy showers make the perfect fit. Steam showers generate a warm, relaxing steam instead of running a continuous stream of hot water. On top of allowing users to save on energy and water bills, steam showers offer a truly calming experience that won’t waste water even if you take your time in the shower. For those with sore muscles or high stress, opting for a steam shower in your bathroom customization can truly change your life.

Chromotherapy showers utilize the physiological impacts of colorful lights to offer additional physical and mental health benefits. Different colors trigger different benefits in the body, from easing sore muscles with red light to promoting relaxation with blue light. Chromotherapy showers feature colorful lights so that your in-home spa can offer the type of healing you need on any given day.

3. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding bathtub style.

Nothing says luxury like a freestanding tub! Standalone tubs have made a steep comeback in popularity in the last few years and are now considered a cornerstone of bathroom opulence. Standalone tubs are generally large in size, making them the perfect soaking tub for a relaxing evening or a weekend of unwinding right at home. Especially in larger bathrooms, opting for a freestanding tub can elevate the space to the next level of luxury.

An additional benefit of freestanding tubs is the wide variety of styles and details to choose from.

For a more classic look, a household may opt for a clawfoot freestanding tub reminiscent of 19th century trends.

On the other hand, freestanding tubs can also fit seamlessly into a modern design with sleek lines and the latest features such as UV lighting. Stand-alone tubs come with many options for materials, ranging from modern to rustic.

A few popular materials include:

  • Porcelain
  • Cast iron
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic

Whether you opt for a rustic bathroom design with exposed brick and a porcelain clawfoot tub or whether you’re updating your space with sleek and modern colors and lines, incorporating a freestanding tub can take your design and your comfort to the next level. This timeless bathroom feature isn’t going anywhere!

4. Combined Baths and Showers

Combined white bath tub with shower.

One of the most common bathroom design features is a combined bath and shower. On top of saving space, opting for a combined bath and shower also offers stunning style choices and a range of storage options. Modern bath and shower designs often feature beautiful tile designs. Glass doors with your choice of metal accents bring a clean and vibrant look to your bathroom’s overall style.

While some combined baths and showers are compact, others are essentially a divided wet room made up of a walk-in shower with a tub inside. This design helps keep the bathroom clean and organized while also allowing plenty of room for an at-home spa setup. Incorporate modern lighting and built-in storage for added convenience and to streamline your everyday experience.

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