Best Bathroom Style Ideas of 2024

The Top 5 Bathroom Styles to Consider for 2024

While spaces like kitchens and living rooms often steal the show when it comes to interior design and renovation, a well-designed bathroom can make a large positive impact on your quality of life. As a place for relaxation, routine, and self-care, your bathroom design can set the tone for your entire day.

Whether you’re simply remodeling your bathroom or building an entire custom home, staying on top of 2024’s hottest bathroom style ideas can give you a head start in creating a bathroom that feels luxurious, fresh, and functional.

1. Freestanding basins

All white freestanding basin bathroom design.

If you’re looking for a simple bathtub remodel that truly packs a punch in terms of style, opt for a freestanding tub. Freestanding sinks and tubs are the latest style, adding a modern yet pared-down look to your space. Add your own personal style by choosing the material for your tub and sinks, each with its own unique effect, yet all modern and sleek.

Common materials for tubs and sinks include:

  1. Marble
  2. Stone
  3. Porcelain
  4. Copper

The size and shape of your sinks and tub also play a role in the overall style and functionality of your bathroom remodel. For a more minimalistic look, opt for lower, shallower basins. For added luxury, install an oversized bathtub perfect for soaking. After all, nothing screams “at-home spa” like a soaker tub!

2. Natural materials

Bathroom style design using natural materials with warm lighting fixtures.

Bring elements of the spa into your new bathroom construction when you incorporate natural materials in your design. These building materials and decor details can give the space a softer, more calming feel, without taking away from the cleanliness of the room.

Spa-inspired bathroom remodel plans often utilize organic aspects such as:

  • Textured stone
  • Wood accents
  • Slate
  • Indoor plants

Incorporating nature into your bathroom update not only keeps you on-trend, but also allows for an invigorating and welcoming environment for your daily routine.

3. Wet rooms

Wet room bathroom design in airy white and blue accents.

One of the hottest new bathroom design trends in 2022 is the concept of the wet room. Instead of a combined tub and shower or a traditional five-piece bathroom, many homeowners are opting for a new option. In most cases, a wet room is essentially a large walk-in shower that might also include a tub.

Wet rooms can be customized according to your needs and style. Perhaps you’d like two showerheads or want to incorporate heated flooring or unique stone tile walls. Wet rooms allow for all of this and more, while also offering a more accessible, safer setup in your bathroom. These rooms are easier to clean and less prone to developing mold than smaller, curtained showers.

4. Intentional lighting

White and gray bathroom design with natural wood accents and contemporary lighting fixtures.

As you plan your bathroom update or bathroom addition, one of the most important aspects is lighting. The lighting you choose will impact the overall style and feel of the finished space. When bathroom lighting is too harsh, it can take away any hope of a relaxing experience and unintentionally accentuate imperfections or dirt between cleanings. On the other hand, with too little light, it’s difficult to complete skincare or makeup routines accurately.

Natural solutions such as building in a skylight above the shower or incorporating a large window near the sinks are growing in popularity. This is not only because natural light offers known health benefits, but also because the opportunity to rely on natural light can help homeowners cut down on electricity use and live more efficiently.

In addition, many of the best bathroom remodel plans involve multiple customizable lighting options with separate controls. This way, you can install lights on a dimmer above the tub, bright lights above the mirror for makeup application, and moderately soft lights throughout the rest of the room for general use. These options allow you to conserve electricity while also providing flexible functionality in the room, whether you need it to be a relaxing spa experience or an invigorating start to your morning routine.

5. Colorful tile

White bathroom with blue tile and furniture giving a Mediterranean feel.

In planning each detail of your shower remodel, consider incorporating colorful or patterned tiles. Bold color palettes can help add light and movement to even the smallest bathroom spaces, and intricate patterns in the flooring, above the vanity, or along the shower walls can add a pop of personality and brightness to an otherwise dim space.

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