5 Best Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Home
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5 Best Interior Lighting Ideas for Your Home


Whether you’re working on a large remodeling project, building a custom home, or simply making a few tweaks to elevate your home’s functionality and style, choosing the right lighting options can make a world of difference. While every home is unique and lighting comes down to your specific preferences, it’s helpful to take stock of current lighting trends to help in your decision. Consider these ideas and tips to create your ideal look and feel throughout your home.

1. Hanging fixtures

Tiered hanging white hanging lights.

Interior lighting choices will always be specific to your tastes, the design of your home, and the tasks you need to complete in any given area of your home.

Hanging fixtures often play a role in the best kitchen lighting plans because they add a stylized focal point while also allowing for concentrated, precise light for tasks like chopping ingredients.

The umbrella of hanging light fixtures includes a multitude of style and shape options. From pendants to chandeliers, hanging lights help close the gap between the ceiling and your surfaces while also drawing attention to the fixture’s style, color, and finish.

Pendant lights work particularly well in kitchen and dining areas, where they can drop down just over a table or countertop to improve the ambiance and functionality of the entire space.

2. Floor lamps

Floor lamp in corner of living room.

In spaces like bedrooms, dens, and living areas, the right floor lamp can bring the room’s style and comfort to the next level. Gone are the days of boring, straight floor lamps that don’t add visual interest to a room. Now, floor lamps come in a vast variety of finishes and shapes, making them a new piece of decor as well as a convenient aspect of your interior lighting plans.

To choose the right floor lamp for a particular space, first consider the layout of the rest of your furniture as well as the style and color scheme of the room. From contemporary gold finishes to rustic materials or geometric patterns, there’s no shortage of designs to choose from.

Some floor lamps even offer extra functionality like built-in shelves or side tables. Consider whether you need your lamp to reach horizontally over a couch or bed, where you hope to cast the most light, and which shape will best serve the overall function of the room.

3. Track lighting

Rustic track lighting with Edison light bulbs.

When it comes to considering what are some of the best lighting ideas for home interiors, track lighting is impossible to ignore. While installing track lighting often requires a higher upfront investment than lighting solutions like lamps, track lighting is an adjustable and customizable form of accent lighting that brings instant sophistication and personalization to any space.

Track lighting details of the last few decades have come a long way in terms of style and adaptability. These fixtures now come in options like curved shapes, matte finishes, and materials ranging from bronze to chrome.

This type of interior lighting works well as a complement to other solutions like can lights or other recessed lighting, as track lighting generally concentrates on one specific area. If your home is full of art you’d like to accentuate or patterned walls needing more attention, track lighting might be the ideal accent light option for you!

4. Dimmers

Dimmable lights in modern designed kitchen.

Adding dimmers strategically to some of your interior lighting can add a particularly luxurious feel to your home. Whether you’re looking for mood lighting at the dinner table, a cozy setting around the TV for movie nights, or a calmer atmosphere over the bathtub, dimmers allow you to customize just how much light your space is getting.

Keeping the option for full light allows you to tone down the lighting at will without losing functionality when you’re in need of that light. Better yet, dimmers can connect to many different types of bulbs, including LEDs for greater efficiency.

5. Intentional color temperature

Purple, blue and magenta led lights setup behind computer workstation.

While this detail may not seem impactful compared to the look of the fixture or the placement of interior lights, color temperature can greatly shift the overall tone and appearance of a space. Getting strategic about color temperature and even getting creative with colorful LEDs can completely customize your space and bring your intended mood to any room.

For example, entryways and areas where you need energy and focus will come across best with cool lighting. This is also a great choice for areas with sharp, contemporary decor. In spaces where you hope to convey a feeling of calm, utilize warmer color temperature in your lighting options. Living areas and bedrooms can especially benefit from bulbs with warm colors like yellow.


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