6 Exterior Home Lighting Ideas for Winter 2024

As fall freezes into winter, it can be difficult to adapt to the changes in daylight hours. While summertime allows multiple hours of sunshine after the work day ends, winter can quickly begin to feel ceaselessly dark. Add safety and utility to your outdoor spaces even in the darker months by integrating these six exterior home lighting ideas.

1. Motion Sensor Lights

motion sensor light attached to the roof of the house

A common concern about adding exterior lighting is that it may drain energy and use up electricity without being truly useful. Especially in spaces like the far end of your backyard, it can be difficult to justify leaving a light powered on, even for only a few hours a night. For these areas, motion sensor lights are ideal. When no one is in the area, the lights remain off. On the other hand, if you’re keeping an eye on your pets or you’re hosting a gathering and using that space, the motion sensor lights will be illuminated. 

Another common use of motion sensor lights is to place them near doorways. This can help deter any safety threats as well as enable better use of your video security system and other similar measures. Additionally, when you’re the one setting off that motion sensor as you leave or arrive at your home, you’ll be more easily able to lock and unlock your doors with a bit of extra light.

2. Solar-Powered LED Lights

solar-powered exterior light alongside of the walkway and bushes

An additional option for families who want more light outside but aren’t thrilled at the idea of a higher electricity bill is installing solar-powered LED lights. These lights harness the power of the sun during the daytime, then use that power to light up your exterior spaces at night, meaning no hike in your electricity bill! 

On top of being more efficient for your wallet and the environment, this technology also allows for more flexibility because you don’t need to plug these lights into your home’s electrical system. Instead, solar-powered LED lights are self-contained systems that you can place as far away from your home as you’d like – just find a spot for the small solar panel and secure the lights as desired.

3. String Lights

a house with soft string light out in the backyard

Some nights, the sun sets too early but the temperature remains stable enough to host outdoor gatherings. For these occasions, string lights are a beautiful option for illuminating your outdoor space while keeping the mood classy and cozy. String lights are versatile and can be used on trees, along fences, over pergolas, or around decks and patios. Plus, string lights come in a variety of colors and sizes, and there are even solar-powered options! Nothing makes for a charming and romantic outdoor set-up like a beautiful strand of twinkling string lights.

4. Security Lights

a house with exterior sensor motion light

Once darkness begins to creep in earlier and earlier in the day, security threats can increase. From stolen packages on the front porch to more concerning security issues, it’s important to take steps to protect your family and your home. Security lights can take many forms, such as motion sensor lights, and can be installed strategically in order to deter suspicious activity around your home. Used in conjunction with security cameras and other systems, security lights can be very effective in preventing crime not only at your home but throughout your neighborhood.

5. Landscape Lighting

a driveway to the house with landscape lighting

Curb appeal shouldn’t go out the window when the winter months set in! Utilize landscape lighting to call attention to your favorite outdoor features throughout the darker months. Whether there’s a beautiful evergreen tree that you decorate with ornaments in December, or a decorative yard feature that deserves more praise, landscape lighting like spotlights can help keep your home’s exterior looking beautiful all winter long. Landscape lighting can also illuminate your home’s facade or help to light garden pathways and similar walkways for an added utility after sunset.

6. Post Lights

black exterior post light with the tree in the background

Classic and useful, post lights make a strong statement in any yard. Post lights add instant utility to whichever space they are installed in, and can even be added on to existing yard features such as concrete posts or front gates. This addition of illumination and style goes a long way in helping guests navigate the grounds and making pathways more accessible. With a wide variety of styles and finishes, post lights can integrate seamlessly into the exterior design of your home and create an elevated ambience.

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