The Benefits of Updating Your Home’s Exterior

The Benefits of Updating Your Home’s Exterior

While the interior of your home may play the largest role in your everyday comfort and utility, there are also important benefits to updating the exterior of your home. On top of increasing your sense of pride in your home and creating a beautiful first impression, updating your home’s exterior can have huge implications for the value and safety of your home overall.

1. Aesthetics

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One of the most common reasons to update the exterior of your home is to improve aesthetics. Your home is an extension of you. Regardless of how much time you spend outside looking at the exterior of your home, it reflects on your style and your family whether you’d like it to or not. Whether your home is simply beginning to look aged or whether you hope to create a better reflection of your style and personality through your home’s exterior, renovating the outside of your home can make you feel proud of your house again. 

In many cases, even the best efforts at exterior maintenance can be overrun by the effects of time. Paint peels, wood ages, and what was once trendy goes out of style. Updating your home’s exterior through steps as simple as painting or choosing to update the trim can go a long way in making your home appear newer and more meticulously maintained. 

In some cases, updating the outside of your home hardly involves the house itself at all. Instead, investing in the landscape of your property by adding flower beds, revitalizing your lawn, adding features like a patio, or incorporating additional lighting can instantly upgrade the look of your home’s exterior. Even without a large budget, homeowners can improve their landscaping through actions like: 

  • Planting flowers near the front door, in-ground or in a large pot  
  • Pulling weeds throughout the property
  • Installing solar lights along pathways and driveways 

When all else fails, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way! Even if you simply add a pop of color or a fun contrast by painting the trim of your home’s exterior or your garage doors, this small update will allow your home’s exterior to reflect your personal tastes. Adding or replacing shutters or incorporating an accent wall can create a similar effect.

2. Add Value

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Whether or not you plan to sell anytime soon, any improvement to the aesthetic of your home will also improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood overall. This can play a role in boosting home prices throughout your neighborhood, which in turn will eventually mean that your home will be worth more due to the comparable values in your area. When it comes to neighborhood values, a rising tide truly does lift all boats! 

If you’re preparing to sell your home or even have it reappraised or refinanced, updating the exterior of your home is one of the most impactful ways to increase the home’s value. Curb appeal speaks volumes about the attractiveness of a property overall, and getting rid of concerning elements such as damaged siding, dented gutters, and chipped paint goes a long way in making your home appear to be in great condition. 

These elements may seem small, but they leave a lasting impression on those who are evaluating your home’s overall condition. Even if you’ve kept up with every small repair inside your home, failing to keep your home’s exterior updated can create the appearance of damage or disarray. On the other side of the coin, an updated exterior will create a well-maintained and fresh impression for the home overall.

3. Security and Safety

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The exterior of your home does more than leave a first impression. This is also the barrier between your house and the rest of the world, so keeping it properly maintained and updated is incredibly important for the security and safety of your family. First, failing to fix any broken aspects of your home’s exterior can leave you a target for crime. On the other hand, updating your home’s exterior by installing a fence, security system, or new door can all keep you safer from potential intruders.

In addition, keeping your home’s exterior updated can help protect you and your family from natural occurrences. Small actions like cutting back bushes will help make your home safer in the case of a fire, and cleaning out and updating your gutters will help to ensure your safety in case of heavy rains. Updating your home’s exterior might also involve new finishes on exterior walls, which protect from natural disasters as well. 

Landscaping choices play a role in the interior of your home when it comes to grading. Without the right measures for diverting groundwater and rainwater, you may end up with basement floods that lead to dangerous mold and mildew. Viewing your property as one large ecosystem where each element impacts the rest is key to keeping your home safe and comfortable.

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