5 Ways Installing a New Patio Can Elevate Your Outdoor Space in 2022

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With a New Patio

If you’ve been working to decide how to elevate your outdoor space, consider the following benefits of opting for a patio!

With a wide variety of design and material options, there’s a patio style for everyone. Plus, the vast variety of features and amenities you can choose to include in your patio make it a perfectly customizable addition, both in style and in functionality.

1. Add living space

1. Add living space

Whether your living room is on the smaller side or whether your kitchen space leaves something to be desired, adding an outdoor patio can change the way you live and entertain.

Installing a patio gives you the opportunity to add a sitting area, extra counter space, an outdoor bar area, or even an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Even a simple concrete patio can add the functionality of big-time square footage to your home when the weather permits spending time outdoors.

When it comes to figuring out how to build an outdoor kitchen or how to execute on your patio design dreams, rest assured that you don’t need to do it all yourself! The team at DeLeers is excited to make your patio dreams a reality.

In many cases, adding a new or expanded outdoor patio also offers the extra perk of cutting down on the area of your yard covered by grass or other landscaping materials that may be costly or difficult to maintain. Oversized grass lawns are losing popularity as more and more homeowners look to decrease water costs and adopt more sustainable practices. Patios don’t require much maintenance or any watering, which can also serve as a selling point for potential buyers when you’re ready to move.

2. Customize

2. Customize

Elevating your outdoor space by adding a patio also gives you a chance to further customize your home, without the often-costly undertaking of renovating an interior space. Instead of knocking down walls in your home or building a finished addition, working with patio contractors instead can get you the customized space you need at a lower overall cost.

Whether you need a larger space to watch the game or just more spots to sit when you entertain guests, installing a new patio can be the solution you need to get your home to its ideal functionality.

Working with your deck and patio contractors to find out how much a new patio sliding door is can also help you decide whether to merge your indoor and outdoor space with a sliding door. From outdoor kitchens to simple lounge areas to fire pits, mix and match the features you need in order to build your ideal outdoor patio.

3. Adapt to each season

3. Adapt to each season

Having a patio allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even on the days when the weather isn’t quite perfect. Installing both lighting and climate control tools will allow you to take advantage of your outdoor space virtually year-round!

Homeowners can add to the functionality of their patio by adding features like:

  • Overhead fans
  • Fire pits
  • Retractable shades
  • Specialized lighting

Building a covered patio or a patio gazebo can also go a long way in shielding your outdoor oasis from the elements, whether the sun is a bit too hot or whether there’s a gentle fall of rain. The more planning that goes into the design and functionality of your new patio, the more you’ll be able to use and enjoy it!

4. Refine your style

4. Refine your style

Installing an outdoor patio also elevates your outdoor space and your home overall by providing an opportunity for you to express your personal style both inside and outside of your home itself. In addition to customizing your patio to provide the functionality you and your family need, you can also choose materials and colors that complement and elevate the style of your home and outdoor space overall. Depending on the way your home is situated, this can benefit the curb appeal of your home overall and help boost the appearance and value of your entire neighborhood!

A wide variety of materials can be used to create an outdoor patio, such as:

  • Concrete patio
  • Brick
  • Patio pavers
  • Flagstone 

Choosing the right materials for your patio will come down to what you plan to use it for and the way you’d like it to look. For example, flagstone is a beautiful and popular material, but because the stones aren’t always uniform, it can be difficult to keep some types of furniture level on it. Because of its smoother quality, many people opt to build a concrete patio.

5. Increase resale value

5. Increase resale value

In addition to benefiting your quality of life in your home for years to come, installing a new patio also elevates your outdoor space to the point of increasing your resale value!

Many people set out thinking, “how much does a new patio cost?” A great follow-up question might be, “how much does a patio increase home value?”

Some reports suggest that a nicely designed outdoor patio can add up to 10% to the value of your home!

Of course, ensuring that your patio design and installation fits into your ideal budget is important as well. Searching for deck and patio contractors can be overwhelming, and even coming up with a list of your questions from “how to build an outdoor kitchen?” to “how do you safely build a fire pit on concrete?” can feel time-consuming and stressful.

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