Are you Ready For A Custom Home Build?

Use This Checklist to Get Your Custom Dream Home Started

Have you been dreaming of building your perfect custom home but do not know where to start? At DeLeers, we’ve created a simple checklist to help you answer all the questions to set the foundation for a successful build!

1. Budget

Establishing a realistic budget and if needed, understanding and securing financing will help your entire custom home build go smoother.

▢ What is your overall budget for the project?
▢ Do you need financing? If yes, what type?
▢ How would you like the team to track and report on the budget?

2. Land

The land is vital to your custom home build. There are several questions to think about when purchasing the land for your new home.

▢ Will the land fit the footprint of your dream custom home?
▢ Are you looking to add any special builds to the property (extra garage space, pool, accessory dwellings)?
▢ Is there an HOA? If yes, do they have construction and build rules?
▢ Are there any features of the land you want to incorporate into the build (views, water, trees)?

3. Vision

Having a clear vision of what you want your home to look and feel like, identifying must-haves and items of compromise will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

▢ What type of custom home are you looking to build?
▢ How big is your dream home?
▢ What have you always dreamed of in your home?
▢ In 10-15 years, what would make the house still comfortable?

4. Timeline

To avoid frustration at the start of a project, think about an ideal, middle, and unacceptable timeline so that you can work with the builder to meet expectations.

▢ What is your ideal build timeline?
▢ What factors are driving that timeline?
▢ What is an unacceptable timeline?

5. Builder

Finding the right builder will help you and your custom home build feel seamless and exciting, not stressful and overwhelming.

▢ How many years of experience does the builder have?
▢ What does their portfolio look like?
▢ Will they connect you with past clientele?
▢ Do they value transparent communication and partnership?

Download Custom Home Checklist

Download the Start Your Custom Home Build Checklist here or reach out to one of our experts to start the conversation about building your custom dream home.

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