Back To School Is Here: Top Tips To Make Your Home Kid Friendly

Backpacks and shoes littering the floor? Homework strewn on the dining room table? Tired of arguments over the bathroom? When kids go back to school it’s a whole new world that is exciting for the entire family. It can also reveal home improvements that could make your home more organized, functional and comfortable for the entire family. 

Back To The Basics:

Back To The Basics:

Storage. Storage. Storage: There’s no such thing as too much storage. Having ample and right type of storage keeps things organized, helps your home look less cluttered and 

  • Look at adding a storage bench or built-in closets in the entryway at the entryway that sees the most use. It can store shoes, backpacks and coats so everything is at the ready and make your morning routine easier. 
  • Expand, upgrade or add a closet in the kids rooms to better organize clothes, toys, games and stuffies. Use a variety of shelves, baskets and hangers to help everything have its place. 
  • Designated Space: Creating a designated space for the kids to craft, do homework, read and store their creations. 
  • Find an area of your home that does not see much use. A corner in the dining room? A storage room or basement area that rarely sees actions? These can be spaces that can be transformed to a dedicated area for the kids. Install built-in bookshelves to house games and books to keep everything organized. 
  • Install a series of shelves to proudly display crafts and work that the kids bring home from school. Rotate the work frequently and store the old work in bins and store in a cabinet or closet. This will show how proud you are of the work while being able to manage the amount of work that comes through the door on a daily basis. 

Sticky Hands? Muddy Shoes? No Problem

Sticky Hands? Muddy Shoes? No Problem.

New Kitchen Cabinets: Kids are notorious for finding everything sticky and then touching everything in the house. You can minimize the sticky impact and maximize cleanliness and kitchen utility with these ideas: 

  • Updating your cabinets can make a huge difference in your kitchen
  • Look for darker finishes that will hide fingerprints. 
  • Soft close cabinets and drawers will also help limit wear and tear as kids open and close them. An added bonus? You can also say goodbye to slamming cupboards.

Smart Appliances Help You Stay Organized: Looking at new appliances? Take it beyond stainless steel and make an investment in “smart” appliances. With a new smart oven range you are able to save time on dinner by starting the pre-heat on the way home or by adjusting cooking time to warm if you are running late. The smart refrigerators can help manage your grocery list and expirations dates so you stay more organized and limit waste.

Infuse Some Magic

Infuse Some Magic

Create a hideout or treehouse: Find a nook or cranny and transform it into a special space for your kids. Think underneath a staircase or above a closet or even in a tree.

We can help you design and build a space your kids will love for years to come. By adding in special lighting and touches it will be a safe place to play, relax, and grow. 

At DeLeers we can not only complete your vision but we’ll be a true partner in finding the best and most creative ways to make your home as kid friendly as possible. All you have to do is call or email us and schedule an initial consultation.

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