5 Features That Can Take Your Finished Basement to the Next Level

5 Features That Can Take Your Finished Basement to the Next Level

Finishing a basement or adding new features to an existing basement is no small undertaking! Interior renovations can be costly and time-consuming, meaning it’s crucial to choose the right team of professionals and to think carefully about the specifications of your project. Keep these popular and functional basement features in mind as you plan your basement project.

1. Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen in a luxurious finished basement.

Adding a basement kitchen is a great move for homeowners who want to use their basement as a second full living space to rent out or host family members long-term.

Depending on the rest of your basement design, even small basement kitchen ideas can make your basement space more useful and allow you to host small gatherings without having to use your primary cooking and living space.

Basement kitchen ideas can range from a simple refrigerator, microwave, and sink to a full second kitchen setup. Perhaps you run a small cooking business out of your home or love baking for friends – a basement kitchen with an oven and stove can help keep these hobbies or careers separate from your everyday life. On the other hand, many people seek out simple basement kitchen bar ideas, looking for ways to host gatherings in a trendy and stylish basement space.

2. Wet Bar

Remodeled finished basement with rustic style wet bar and wine cellar.

If you aren’t in need of any additional cooking space, a basement kitchen won’t make sense for you.

However, if you’d love some extra space to entertain guests where you can serve snacks and drinks without running up and down the stairs, then a basement wet bar might be exactly what you need!

The convenience of having a sink easily accessible downstairs makes a basement wet bar well worth it, and by styling it just the way you want, you’re sure to impress any guest you host.

3. Home Gym

Remodeled finished basement with home gym.

Since the start of the pandemic, home gyms have become a necessity in many households.

Even after the lockdowns came to an end, many people found they loved the flexibility and convenience of having a place to exercise right at home.

However, finding space for a home gym can be challenging for some. That’s where the basement home gym comes in! 

Including a basement home gym in your basement remodel or finishing plans is a simple way to improve your lifestyle and add easy functionality to your home.

Home gyms don’t have to be overly complex or fancy; one of the benefits is that you only need to include the elements you’ll actually use! 

Common aspects of a home gym include:

  • Treadmill or stationary bike
  • Squat rack
  • Dumbbell set
  • Cables or jump boxes 

Any combination of these elements, or even just one, can make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating a bit of your favorite workout into your regular routine. Home gym basement ideas can be adapted to include sturdy flooring, plenty of ventilation, and even a TV and sound system to make your workouts fly by.

4. Living Room

Remodeled finished basement with living room in cool blue tones and white accents.

Especially because the latest home design trends feature open floor plans and blurred lines between kitchen and living spaces, some families find they need another separate space away from the main level, dedicated to simply relaxing.

Incorporating basement living room ideas into your plans can help give you a true place to retreat and wind down at home, away from your to-do list or the stresses of work and home upkeep.

Basement living rooms also offer the benefit of being fully customizable, giving you the freedom to incorporate the exact elements you truly want.

Movie buffs might install a jumbo screen or a projector. Including a basement fireplace can bring the space to the next level with cozy warmth year-round.

5. Additional Bedrooms

Finished basement with additional bedroom in a traditional contempoary style.

Whether you’re growing your family, planning to host a long-term family member or guest, or simply want the option of hosting friends visiting from out of town, adding bedrooms into your basement finishing plan can go a long way.

Adding to the bedroom count in your home is also beneficial for resale value, but you’ll have to look into details like how to seal basement windows, and whether you’ll need to include closets and egress windows to ensure that these count as official bedrooms. Plus, add a basement shower and increase your overall bathroom count while you’re at it!

Any and all of these finished basement features can not only improve your lifestyle but will also increase the value of your home when you choose to sell. Many people wonder, “does a finished basement count as square footage?” Fortunately, it does! Although your “above-ground square footage” won’t change when you finish your basement, the total square footage of the home will.

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