Your Guide To Renovating Senior Living Centers

Your Guide To Renovating Senior Living Centers

You might be trying to attract new long-term residents. You might want to integrate new technology. You might simply want to do a refresh. Whatever the reason is, you want to renovate your senior living quarters, and DeLeers Construction is here to help! 

Implement a wow factor that will impress residents and families alike, creating a proper buzz and in turn, providing organic marketing. Staying ahead of issues saves time and money (which should be incentive enough!) and prevents the facility from looking worn out, which may create a negative impact on resident retention. Senior citizens deserve peace, comfort, and golden amenities in their golden years.

Create a Comfortable, Homey, and Safe Environment

comfortable senior living space with earth tones, grey couch, brown chairs, lots of green plants behind the window

Senior living centers should be comfortable and homey, much like the homes that residents are coming from. Reminding them of and satisfying them as much as the pleasant environment they’ve likely been in for decades is the end goal– as well as keeping residents safe. 

Some ways to do so are: 

  • Concentrate on soft lighting, sturdy flooring, and easy-to-maneuver dining options 
  • Chairs should offer comfort and have the ability to be easily moved 
  • Soft edges should be present on all furniture 
  • Pleasant, uplifting artwork and accessories should be present throughout the facility 
  • Bathrooms should contain senior-appropriate heights and safety measures 
  • Strategically placed quiet rooms and spaces should be available

Incorporate Modern Technology

two seniors sitting on the couch using their phones in a renovated senior living center

Incorporating modern technology for those in senior centers is imperative, as it is a large part of how communication will take place with loved ones back home. A designated space for desktops/laptops should be created so seniors can keep up with the grandkids on social media, email, cruise the web, facetime family and friends etc. Physically seeing loved ones can help any amount of distance to feel smaller.

Technology in a senior center may also take the form of elements like kitchen appliances, fall protection devices, wearables for health and wellness, or tech for medication management. Consider incorporating consistent courses (like How to Use Your Smartphone 101, or How to Post on Social Media) with professionals so that seniors can stay as connected to the latest trends as they are with loved ones.

Communicate With Current Residents

Staff at senior living center helping an older man to use the tablet

Make sure that you’re overly communicative with current residents and their families about any upcoming renovation plans. Throughout the construction process, senior citizens may feel temporarily displaced, as their daily activities will be disrupted. Dust, vibration, and noise involved in the work should be controlled as best as they can, as both respect and privacy are key during this time.

When the renovation has been completed, the facility should receive proper maintenance evaluations every six months to a year. Remember, staying ahead of issues saves both time and money!

Ensure Every Area Is Handicap Accessible

older lady in a wheelchair outside of renovated senior living center

Handicap accessibility is imperative when it comes to renovating senior living quarters, as many residents will likely use a wheelchair or a walker. You’ll need to ensure that not only does every resident feel comfortable moving around, but that their loved ones are more than content with their safety and accessibility as well.

Provide building design that seamlessly coincides with accessibility by incorporating: 

  • Minimum-weight doors with accessible hardware or automatic doors 
  • Precise directional and informational signage 
  • Captioning on videos exhibition videos 
  • Handicap-accessible parking spots 
  • Clear, wide paths without stairs 
  • A lack of clutter throughout the premises

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