What Are The Benefits of Living in a Smart Home? (Part 1)

What Are The Benefits of Living in a Smart Home? (Part 1)

One of the many advantages of building a new custom home is that you can incorporate the latest technology seamlessly into the design of your home. Designing a smart home that integrates technological solutions for many everyday tasks and problems can help you save money as well as gain peace of mind when it comes to various home security measures. Explore the benefits of building a smart home with these key exterior smart home features.

1. Security Cameras

Security cameras for smart home living.

One of the most common smart home gadgets present on many properties are security cameras. Gain the peace of mind of knowing if someone is approaching your home, whether you’re currently there or not. Whether you travel frequently and want to keep a close eye on your home remotely, whether your kids come home from school on their own and you need confirmation they’ve arrived safely, or whether you simply find more peace of mind through sophisticated security systems, security cameras can help keep your home, family, and belongings safe. As an added bonus, installing security cameras can even help you save money on insurance.

Plus, installing smart security cameras not only keeps you safe but also benefits your entire community. Security cameras, including smart doorbells with video features, can help reduce crime throughout your neighborhood and can assist local law enforcement in the event of incidents like car break-ins. Easily download clips from your security cameras to share with local law enforcement if needed.

2. Smart Doorbells and Locks

Doorbells and locks for smart home living.

On top of including security cameras in strategic locations throughout your property, building a custom home also gives you the chance to incorporate a smart doorbell into your design plans. From the Ring doorbell to various other smart doorbell models from Google, SimpliSafe, Cove, and more, smart doorbells offer convenient features to help streamline your daily life and keep your home safe. These smart systems allow you to make sure your doors, windows, and garage are closed and locked, even when you’re not home. Nothing gives you instant peace of mind on vacation more than the confirmation that your home is secure!

Tired of peeking through the front window only to come face to face with a door-to-door marketer? With a smart doorbell, you’ll be able to see a live video stream of your front door so that you can decide if it’s safe and in your best interest to open the door. This feature also makes it easy to keep an eye on your front porch to make sure your packages stay safe. 

Another helpful feature of these smart front door systems is that they allow you to lock and unlock your front door, no matter where you are. Answer the door from anywhere! For example, let your dog walker into your home while you’re at work and lock up behind them when they leave, with just a few easy taps. Hosting a Superbowl party from the basement? No need to run up and down the stairs with each new arrival. Unlock the front door and welcome new guests into your home right from the app on your phone!

3. Smart Lighting

Smart app on mobile device to control smart lighting.

One of the best ways to save money through home automation is to include smart lighting in the exterior design plans of your custom home. From flood lights making your doorways and leisure spaces safer and more accessible to pathway lights preventing unnecessary falls, smart lighting can make a world of difference after the sun goes down and in the early morning. 

Instead of keeping lights on at all times, wasting energy, and racking up an unmanageable electrical bill, smart lighting systems allow you to set schedules as well as control the lights remotely. Some even leverage solar-powered lighting! Whether you want your lights on whenever the sun is down or whether there are just a few hours you wish to illuminate, easily program your system to respond to your needs. Smart lighting systems can also come in handy by creating the appearance that you’re home, even if you’re on a trip or working late. Control the exterior lights at your home and deter any unwanted visitors.

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