What Are The Benefits of Living in a Smart Home? Part 2

What Are The Benefits of Living in a Smart Home? Part 2

Setting out to build a custom home means reaping the benefits of a home specifically built to fit your needs and lifestyle. One of the best ways to ensure your home meets your needs on an ongoing basis is to incorporate smart technology! Consider including these interior smart home features for optimal comfort, convenience, and savings in your new custom home.


1. Home Security Systems

Man holding smartphone controlling smart home app.

There are countless systems of smart home gadgets on the market, many of which offer the benefit of heightening your home security by incorporating an alarm system. For example, Apple HomeKit offers not only smart home gadgets like colorful lights and hydroponic gardens, but also motion sensors and security cameras. 

Utilizing security cameras on the interior of your home can give you peace of mind whenever you’re away. Whether you simply like to keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work or whether you need extra peace of mind when it comes to your valuables in a certain area, security cameras can help provide that added layer of protection. 

In addition, installing a smart alarm system for your home can help ensure that you’re aware of anyone entering your home, keeping you up to date on when your kids return from school or alerting you if anyone tries to enter your property. Alarm systems can trigger a fast response from emergency responders in case of a security incident, helping to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

2. Thermostats

Smart home thermostat mounted on wall.

In addition to the peace of mind offered by smart home features like camera and alarm systems, another benefit of living in a smart home is that you can save money through home automation. Temperature control is one of the most costly monthly expenses in many households, and it’s easy to be wasteful when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home. Even systems that allow for scheduling rely on you to keep a perfectly predictable schedule – and that’s not always the case. 

Smart home solutions like Nest thermostats are completely programmable and can be controlled and adapted remotely. By getting specific about when you need your home to hit those ideal temperatures and when it’s okay to fluctuate, you can help conserve energy while also saving on your energy bills – without sacrificing your comfort! With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your settings on the go. For example, even if your system is scheduled to start blasting the air conditioning at 6pm each day, you can adjust that setting from your phone if you get caught up at the gym or a work event. Every small energy savings helps!

3. Lighting and Appliances

Man controlling his light and appliances through smart home app.

On top of thermostats, a wide range of home appliances and lighting features can also be integrated into your smart home setup. Control your bluetooth and wifi appliances with ease, from anywhere. Especially when you integrate your smart features into a program such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, adjusting your home to your specific needs becomes seamless and even touch-free. From lighting to speakers, you hold full control. 

Need to start the oven? With a wifi-enabled appliance, let Google Assistant or Alexa know what temperature to set it to. Forgot to turn off the basement lights? With an Apple HomeKit-integrated system, ask Siri to take care of it! By opting for lights such as Phillips hue smart lighting, you can create a fully adaptable and customized lighting experience anywhere in your home. 

Save money on electricity bills using smart plugs, which allow you to monitor and schedule your electronics. Schedule when your lamps switch on and off, and ensure you’ve turned off appliances that could pose a safety hazard like hair straighteners, irons, and hot kitchen appliances.

4. Energy Meters

Full color display of mounted energy meter on wall.

Many households are taking an extra step for energy conservation by utilizing smart energy monitors.

Instead of waiting until the end of the month to get your energy bill and lament overusing electricity, keep track of your energy use as you go and pinpoint which devices are using larger amounts of energy.

This allows you to troubleshoot in real-time to save money and create a more energy-efficient household.

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Adopting smart home features from thermostats to appliances can not only save money but also help you conserve energy and bring you ongoing peace of mind. The wide range of smart home systems on the market can be overwhelming, but the team at DeLeers is ready to help you design a custom smart home that fits your lifestyle and needs!

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