4 Small Home Renovations You Can Do in a Weekend
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4 Small Home Renovations You Can Do in a Weekend


Even accomplishing small home projects can make your home feel more like your own and elevate your daily life.

Whether you’re hosting guests soon and hope to impress or whether you’re just ready for a positive change to your home, these projects can transform your space without demanding too much time or budget. If you’ve got a free weekend coming up and want to complete a small home renovation project, try one of these!

1. Paint

Small home renovation painting project.

Painting is one of the most affordable and impactful home renovation projects you can complete.

The feel of an entire room can shift instantly with a new colorful accent wall, and painting aspects like doors and even exterior walls can give your home an automatic facelift.

Freshen up with a fresh paint job on front and back doors for a quick change of mood and a bold style statement!

2. Shift Your Layout

New layout for living room renovations.

With the right amount of research and expertise, your weekend renovation project can ultimately shift the layout of your home overall.

Many homes older than a couple decades feature floor plans that now come across as quite dated, with kitchens separated by walls from the living space and disjointed rooms throughout the main level.Modern homes often feature a more open floor plan with kitchen, dining, and living areas flowing into one another.

Depending on the details of your home, you may be able to take on the project of opening up spaces by taking down unnecessary walls. This quick task can completely transform the way your home feels, but removing walls should not be done lightly.

Take proper precautions to ensure the wall isn’t weight-bearing, and consider aspects such as electrical outlets or plumbing within the wall. Hiring a trustworthy team like DeLeers can help you complete this type of project without putting your home at risk.

3. Install New Lighting

New lighting in kitchen.

It’s easy for poorly-lit homes to also feel dingy and aged, even if they’re genuinely clean and well-kept.

Installing new lighting can not only spruce up the style of your home, but can also help make your house more energy efficient! Lighting projects are generally quite quick to execute, provided your electrical setup works in your favor.

When it comes to lighting, the magic lies in the details. Even a small change can make your life easier and help your space become more functional!

For example, your kitchen becomes more modern and easier to use when you install under-cabinet lighting, and your everyday tasks get much smoother once you install closet lighting! No more feeling around for your jacket in the dark or fumbling along the entire wall for the singular kitchen light switch.

Outdoor lighting projects can also go a long way in elevating the curb appeal and outward appearance of your home. Add creative outdoor lighting to make your outdoor spaces more accessible after sundown and to accentuate some of your favorite outdoor features.

Outdoor lighting projects to consider include:

  • Hanging lights on your patio or under trees.
  • Garden lights to illuminate your flowers and veggies.
  • Pathway lights for safety and functionality.

Getting creative and strategic with the lighting choices both inside and outside your house can help bring attention to your favorite features while also making it easier to navigate your property no matter the time of day. Plus, switching to LEDs or smart lights can help you cut back on energy and automate your home systems.

4. Level Up Your Landscaping

New landscaping home renovations.

If you’re not ready to take on a project like removing an interior wall or tinkering with electricity to add new lighting features, landscaping projects are often a bit lower-stakes and can come together very quickly.

Outdoor home renovations play a large part in first impressions of your home overall, and hosting outdoor gatherings is always more enjoyable in a yard you feel proud of.

A few landscaping projects that instantly add functionality and beauty to your yard include:

  • Using outdoor pavers to install a patio or pathway.
  • Building raised garden beds for flowers or vegetables.
  • Planting trees, flowers, or bushes.

All of these tasks can be completed in a weekend or even in one day, but they offer a big-time transformation of your outdoor space.

Get Started Today

Whether you’ve completed countless home renovation projects before or whether you’re heading out to buy your first tool box, having a team of professionals at your side to offer expertise and assistance can save you serious headaches down the line. The team at DeLeers is here to help with your home renovation projects, both large and small!

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